What is the CSEM Global Trade Portal?  


The CSEM Global Trade Portal is created for agencies, governments, organizations and businesses that want to promote trade & investment among countries via the Internet. In addition to a comprehensive Corporations and Business Database, the CSEM Global Portal has on-line goods catalogs and auctions, the portal also provides trade-related information about countries and allows the establishment and promotion of communities of interest for goods and services. All qualified suppliers, sellers, buyers, partners and all other intermediaries come together in a very elegant way using the CSEM Database. Each CSEM location offers a business needs "Matching" service. Any component of the matching service can be selected by the clients. For example, some clients may only wish to obtain a fully-qualified 'compatibility' list of prospects, while others may prefer posting heir catalogs on-line for the world to see  and complete import/export and customs clearing transaction management services.

The CSEM Database System consists of basically three (3) modules;

(1) Comprehensive Country-Specific Data, managed locally by the CSEM in each country.

(2) Comprehensive Company & Business Data, including Product Catalogs and General Pricing

(3) A Process for identifying 'Matches' and managing business engagements from inception to completion.

The CSEM Portal consists of  EXCHANGESCATALOGS, COMMUNITIES & TRADE-OUTLETS that use the above three functions.


  • Guest Registration
  • Membership Registration


Full-Circle Transaction Management

·        Find Business Partners

·        Initiate & Conduct Meetings

·        Initiate Transactions

·        Process Transactions

·        Monitor Quality & Acceptance/Rejection Rate of Goods

·       Assist with Freight, Customs and other Import/Export details

·        Locate Escrow Companies

·       Perform Credit Checks

·        Assist with obtaining Commercial Financing and Letters of Credits (LC's)

  What are CSEM Exchanges

An Exchange provides an interactive platform for the transmission of information and content regarding products, services, and manufacturing capabilities between interested parties in the U.S., Canada, and the rest of the world. Each "Exchange" provides information between an two (2) countries. Because of the Laws and import/export regulations of countries, it is not practical to have a universal exchange. It is for this reason that only country-to-country exchanges are set-up.

Exchanges are not to be confused with "Catalogs". Catalogs are listings of Goods and Services with Pricing and Availability in any number of Languages, Currencies and other Detail. Exchanges on the other hand are a "View" of these Catalogs tailored to specific country-to-country commerce and trade relationship. This relationship encapsulates Import/Export Restrictions, Trade Laws, Import Duties, Tariffs and Taxes and other country specific parameters that are essential to carry on trade between any two nations. 

Exchange "Classifieds" provide an easily accessible open marketplace for Registered Buyers in a country to express their items needed and Certified Suppliers to list their items for sale.

The Services Section provides a listing opportunity for individuals or firms engaged in international trade to make the world aware of their specific skills and services.

As mentioned above, the Catalog Section provides members with a wide variety of manufacturing and assembly resources along with a representative sample of the types of products each supplier is capable of producing, with generalized pricing, warranty, availability, manufacturing/supply capacity etc. Manufacturers and Suppliers are able to provide product specifications, provide manufacturing or assembly bidding opportunities and then make these products available to the world.

CSEM monitored Auctions and Trade Outlets

Each of the many Trade Outlets on the Portal must meet the stringent Certification Guidelines imposed by the CSEM Standards and Practices to ensure the integrity of each transaction.

The Portal will be a host to Buyers and Suppliers located in the U.S., Canada and throughout the world. All experienced or inexperienced import/export organizations are welcome to become buyers and/or suppliers at the Portal. CSEM will assist the inexperienced to complete the trades.

Each Buyer's credit worthiness and each Supplier's inventory and quality control methods are monitored.

In addition, the Portal Admin checks/Audits the buyer's criteria for transactional security, on-time delivery and order compliance.

The Trade Outlets are divided into major industry categories encompassing hundreds of product/commodity departments.

Escrow Services

Companies such as Escrow.com and others assure each buyer’s transactional satisfaction. This means that if you are a buyer, you will be assured of getting the right products before your payment is released. If you are a supplier, this means your customer will pay for your products before you ship them.


For buyer’s assurance in the U.S. and Canada, credit worthiness (before DUNNs) is verified before each Buyer is accepted for membership in the Portal. The CSEM Logistics and Operations Team can help buyers track their shipments from supplier loading dock, customs inspection and point of delivery. CSEM also provides a complete menu of logistics services from door-to-door transportation, customs and duties payment, and all the hassles and inefficiencies associated with international trade.

  CSEM Business-To-Business Auctions

The Business-To-Business Auctions at the Portal allow small and middle market enterprises to maximize the power of their procurement dollars. Odd lots, surplus merchandise and one-of-a-kind specialty items afford considerable savings. These savings translate into increased profits, unique offerings, and ultimately a competitive advantage to each buyer's bottom line.

To register as a Qualified Bidder, a business has just to simply click on the 'Register To Bid' Button and your company is online for Auctions if it is qualified and registered.


CSEM Portal Communities

The Portal Communities are an interactive area where buyers can meet other buyers and sellers can meet other sellers to affect those professional relationships and alliances that are essential to helping business grow and prosper.

The Business Chat Rooms and Business Forums are organized on an industry-by-industry basis so that you may depend upon relevant and timely exchange of professional ideas, practices and information. In addition, you can feature industry news and event notices for each of the industry categories served by the Portal Admin.

The Sponsor Areas provide important and insightful information on topics of general and specific interest to those engaged in trade between the USA and other countries of the world.  

  Major features of the CSEM Trading Portal  


·        Guest Registration 

·        Membership Registration


·        Creating an Outlet 

·        Purchasing From Outlets 

·        Outlet Fees

·        Changing the Contents of Your Outlets



·        Types of Auctions 

·        Creating an Auction Listing 

·        Special Listing Rules Relating To Auctions 

·        Auction Process 

·        Bidding   



·        Types of Listings 

·        Listing Procedure 

·        Describing Your Items





·        Permitted and Prohibited Products 

·        Quantifying Items 

·        Searches and Additional Item Information


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